Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Israel, Jerusalem, Freemasonry and the New World Order

Having discovered the 'political' or temporal nature of the world government agenda you soon realise that there's a deeper and perhaps more important, spiritual aspect to it all as well. It also soon becomes clear that both Israel and Jerusalem are due to play a prominent role in the proposed New World Order.

Discovering the agenda is one thing; correctly identifying those behind it is another. There are three main suspects, a hierarchy of bloodline families, the Vatican (more specifically the Jesuits) and the international banking cartels and the corporations they own and control. It's clear all three are deeply involved but because international banking is dominated by 'Jewish' families there are many who claim that the overall conspiracy is also Jewish.

The point of this article is to show that Israel can far more correctly be described as a Freemasonic state. That is, it has been founded by the secret society networks and operates for their benefit.

The picture on the left was taken by a friend of the author of this article. The all-seeing Eye of Horus and the compass and square symbol is evidence that this monument is Masonic. As the author points out "this makes a clear statement to anyone crossing the border into Israel (from Egypt) that the Illuminati (or freemasons) are in control here."

He further states that "Freemasonry is alive and well in Israel, plotting their seizure of the Temple Mount from Muslim control so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple".

This isn't the only evidence of Freemasonic influence in Israel. This article shows the occult nature of the new Israeli Supreme Court building. It was financed by the most powerful and wealthiest of all the 'Jewish' banking families, the Rothschild's. 

The building is replete with Freemasonic symbols including the obligatory pyramid with the Eye of Horus, an obelisk and stairs with thirty steps leading to a library that has three levels. The Masonic thirty three in total. The excellent 'Vigilant Citizen' looks at its occult symbolism in this article here. As he points out, the building leaves nobody in any doubt as to who controls Israel.

There are a few things to note from this. The first is that Israel is not for the benefit of Orthodox Jews. They have been and still are a convenient shield to hide behind. Zionism is the ideology involved here and any criticism of either it or Israel is met by the spurious charge of anti-semetism. Zionism is closely linked with the secret society network and there's a strong suggestion that it is Freemasonic elements in England behind plans to rebuild Solomon's Temple. These same elements are destabilising the area as a means to that end.

The second thing to note is that it is clear that Jerusalem is meant to be the capital of this New World Order. As we've seen, the plans are already in place for the re-building of the Temple of Solomon and it appears that some of the stones have already been cut

Another sign that Jerusalem is to be the 'spiritual' centre of the New World Order is the proposed 'combination temple, church and mosque' in a UN controlled area of the city. This will form the basis of the exoteric (outer) aspect of the New World Order religion. The inner aspect will, presumably, remain Freemasonic and Luciferian.

The conflict in the Middle East over Israel and Palestine could have been resolved many years ago by persons of goodwill. It is being kept alive by those determined to have their New World Order and who are prepared to manipulate events to bring it about. They will do this even to the extent of creating  a World War 3. This itself will be an attempt to make it appear as if the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are coming true.

The world is indeed being held to ransom by a criminal cabal who can only be described as Satanic.


Anonymous said...

As a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, I have never found any reason to suspect a connection between Freemasonry and the New World Order. I have read a lot of false and distorted information about Freemasonry though.14

Revolution Harry said...

Perhaps this might help.

Anonymous said...

The Author of this is an idiot and is reaching very far to try and make facts. All I can say is wow...

Revolution Harry said...

Anon, if you think any of the assertions in the article are incorrect please tell us why.

Vatican Rome said...

1. Israel, as all nations on earth, has a secular government.

2. Freemasonry loges are EVERYWHERE worldwide; many presidents, kings are both masons and illuminati. Why do you single out Israel?

3. As to the Temple of Solomon and Temple Mount, it is a holy place that belongs to the Jews and Israel; Muslims are the invaders and occupiers.

4. Freemasonry was set up by Templars persecuted by the Papal. The Templars claimed the were the Knights of Solomon's Temple which did not exist in their time but the Muslim Dome of Rock!

5. The Freemasonry god is Allah of Mohammed (Lucifer, Satan)

The Bible says a third Temple will stand in Jerusalem when Christ returns... Christ's Return is for the salvation of ALL ISRAEL. Romans 11:25-26

Revolution Harry said...

Thanks for your comment.

1: Many governments around the world have a democratic, secular, facade and yet 'behind the scenes' things are very different. Britain is an excellent example of this. The Rothschild inspired Supreme Court building suggests there's little doubt that Israel is similarly controlled.

2: Nobody's suggesting that only Israel is in the grip of freemasonry. What is being said is that it is has a central role in the new global system (New World Order) that the ruling powers of this world are working towards. Considering the region's prominent role in Biblical prophecy this is hardly controversial.

3: Fully unravelling your point 3 is impossible in a blog comment. God destroyed the temple in 70 AD and no third temple is prophesied because it's now unnecessary after Jesus Christ's atonement on the cross.

4: The beginnings of freemasonry is unclear to say the least though it's true to say the Knights Templar played a role, at least in its continuation. The Templars appear to have morphed into the Knights of Malta which is an order with direct links to the Vatican.

5: I'm aware that the Shriners appear to revere Allah and that there seems to be a broad reverence for Lucifer/Satan amongst the higher levels of freemasonry. The question is what god do the followers of the (Babylonian) Talmud revere.

The Israel referred to in Romans 11 (and elsewhere in the Bible, unless stated as the House of Israel where that means the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom) is the twelve tribes. At best the 'Jews' can only claim to be one of the tribes, namely the tribe of Judah or possibly two, namely the House of Judah which is Judah and Benjamin. Whether the Jews of modern day Israel are of the Biblical Israelites is highly debatable but that's another point that cannot be discussed adequately in a blog comment.

immerhin said...

@Anonymous. "As a 32nd Degree SRF"... you would say that (without offering any counterargument). ... yawn...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Harry and anyone who doesn't is likely a Zionist disinfo agent.

Thx for the great info.

Anonymous said...

I will comment for 5th of vatikan rome.
please translate on google translator, Sorry.. that because for mad bad english.
" Allah adalah Allah Not lucifer or satan, Satan is Devil, Demon or ibis if you're moslem.
Yes Allah is god of muhammad prophet.
Muhammad (Human) and Demon (iblis) their created bY Allah. Muhammad (human) for good things and Demon (evil,lucifer and every Human with bad ways) for bad things.
"Maaf saya hanya mengoreksi apa yang sebenar benarnya" thank You
i think this good discuss..terimakasih to HARRY J for that..

Anonymous said...

God doesn't divide his house just as satan doesn't divide his house.So evil on earth will become one Mason's,illumanati , satanic false religion's ECT. The evil will be devoured by God and His mighty Angel's as well as the chosen Virgins in Israel . Hallelujah Jesus Reigns . satan has lied to man.I see the meaning in the Bible now ,It's easier for a camel to get through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into the gate's of heaven . Evil is satans and forever damnation these elite and devil worshipper's will get !!! Jesus is coming back with a sword ,So all of you that think oh Jesus is loving . Yes he is but in Revelation he say's vengeance is mine saith the Lord .

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